Beautiful Custom Picture Frames in Elbow Lake, MN

Having professional pictures taken is a wonderful investment for you and your family. After you have those pictures taken, you want to give them the right finishing touches. The perfect frame and matboard make the difference between a boring photo and a beautiful piece of art on your wall.

At KR-Digital we are the right choice for unique and beautiful custom picture frames in Elbow Lake, MN. We build each frame to your specifications and have a range of materials and matboards to choose from. Call our studio to discuss your photos and see the difference that custom frames make for your pictures.

Choosing the Right Matboard

The first step in giving your picture its finished look is choosing the right matboard for it. A matboard is the cardboard-like material that sits between the frame and your photo, giving it that professionally finished look. They come in a variety of colors and finishes to match any picture.

When you choose the right color, a custom photo matboard draws the eye of the viewer towards your picture, making it stand out. This also gives your image more depth and is especially useful if you are trying to sell it.

Additionally, applying a matboard to your picture helps to protect it. The mat separates the picture from the protective glass. This ensures that any condensation that forms on the glass does not touch your photo. Visit our studio to discuss the importance of using a matboard for your photos and browse the wide selection we have available.

Designing the Frame

When you are designing your frame, we have a wide range of custom frame mouldings for you to choose from. The moulding gives your frame its unique look, making it personal to you. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, the right mouldings make your pictures pop, and when combined with matboard your whole piece becomes a beautiful piece of art.

At KR-Digital, our professional framer has the skills and experience to assist you with designing the perfect frame for your pictures. As a trained event photographer, our framer understands the importance of pictures as art and will ensure your frames are built to enhance your images perfectly.

Additionally, choosing a custom frame prolongs the life of your art. Our frames are acid-free and made with only the highest quality materials. This helps to ensure your pictures do not fade over time. To learn more about the advantages that custom frames can offer your pictures, visit our studio; our team is always happy to help.

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